About Us

Infinite Life Lived

Infinite Life Lived exhibits mental strength and organic health on many levels. Substance for the urban culture that inspires and helps to reinforce self-determination and motivation from within. This clothing line was created for the sole purpose of empowering and motivating. With so many ills of society and the process to manipulate you. We look to process life in an infinite realm of possibilities, by including a foundation that is guided by spiritual, physical, mental and social-economically practices that are deemed healthy. 

We want to support those that don't have a means of support, we wish to educate those that have been indoctrinated. Unlearn conditioning through through true learning. Banishing the wickedness of stolen wisdom which had been manipulated. We believe in Each One Teach One, but we also believe that one has to be willing to learn, Infinite Life Clothing is for those with a will to Hustle and Survive, for those that will not fold under pressure, for those that are willing to be the change that is needed in their own way and light. This is who we stand for, positive change that's worthy of admiration.